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We offer legal counsel and representation in a diverse array of areas including criminal defense, personal injury, and domestic law. The team at Kelly Law Office serves all of Rankin County, Brandon and Jackson, Mississippi and surrounding areas. You can rely on the experience and expertise of a local attorney who has been representing Mississippi residents for over 27 years.

Areas of Criminal Defense

include but are not limited to
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Domestic Violence
Drug Offenses
Simple Assault
Aggravated Assault
Youth Court
Grand Larceny
Probation Violation
Sex Offenses
White Collar Crime
Post Conviction Motions

These crimes carry serious legal consequences as well as a lasting social stigma. In Mississippi, the laws governing these crimes have become more rigid, and the punishment for a conviction can often be quite severe. Because of this, it is extremely important that you entrust your criminal defense case to experienced, local, legal counsel. Doing so is the best way to keep yourself out of jail, or even prison.

Personal Injury

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Kelly Law Office has over 27 years of experience in personal injury law in the state of Mississippi, including Brandon and Jackson as well as Rankin, Hinds, and Madison Counties. Personal injury cases range from auto accidents to job site injury and many other physical, mental, or emotional injuries. Automobile accidents can result in significant and expensive injuries that can require years of medical attention. Workers compensation cases can take years to resolve without a professional attorney on your side. Have you been hurt on the job, injured in an automobile accident, or need a wrongful death attorney? Call Kelly Law Office today at (601) 825-6455.

Domestic Law

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When you and your family need a trusted legal resource to lead you through the process of divorce, child custody, adoption, estate planning, preparing wills, or any other domestic family law issue, turn to Kelly Law Office. With over 27 years of experience in Rankin, Madison and Hinds Counties, Kelly Law Office has helped residents of Mississippi with many family law cases and planning. Plan for your family’s future by preparing for end of life issues including wills, power of attorney documents, estates, and more. If your family is facing child custody or divorce, call Kelly Law Office today at (601) 825-6455 for professional advice and representation.

With Criminal Background Checks becoming part of the standard operating procedure for potential employees, it is important to know that

Not All Expungements Are the Same

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Most Common Types of Expungements

  • 1

    Guilty pleas entered pursuant to a non-adjudication agreement

  • 2

    Felony and misdemeanor arrests where there was no formal charge; or where there was a charge, but no prosecution followed or the case was dismissed or remanded to the files

  • 3

    First offenders convicted in any Court, of any misdemeanor  (except traffic offenses)

  • 4

    Drug possession offenses (felony and misdemeanor) committed while the offender was less than 26 years of age

  • 5

    Convictions of misdemeanors (except traffic violations)  in Municipal Court, regardless of the offenders age, that are over 2 years old, upon a showing of good conduct

  • 6

    Convictions of single felony excluding violent, sexual, or drug trafficking.

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Before you send off your next resume, have Kelly Law Office remove prior arrests and convictions from your record through a court ordered expungement done correctly. Because even if an expungement order is entered, if it is not drafted and handled properly, it is of no value. This can greatly limit you in your future prospects as there are various types of professional licenses that will not be issued to someone with criminal convictions on their record (no matter how long ago the conviction occurred). Furthermore, even if a degree is earned and/or a professional license is obtained, potential employers often will not hire persons with a prior criminal arrest or conviction.

Don’t allow a tainted record to affect your chances of meaningful employment.


Check Your Own Records

Federal               State


Charged with manslaughter
20 years in prison
The case was dismissed

Drug Possession
10 years in prison
The case was dismissed

Civil Rights
Significant monetary settlement reached with local government

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